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Our Commitment to Moving the Industry Forward

As advertising opportunities continue to advance and audience viewing becomes increasingly fragmented, Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to developing an expansive portfolio of measurement, attribution and currency solutions,
as we evolve alongside our ever-changing industry.

Advanced Analytics & Measurement Tools

Currency Optionality

More accurately captures broad demos and advanced audiences across platforms.

Brand Lift

Assesses campaign impact on brand awareness, favorability,
purchase intent and marketed brand attributes.


Validates campaign influence on actions taken via online search,
visits to a website or visits to retail.

Sales Lift

Measures incremental sales lift generated by exposure to campaign elements.

Ad Effectiveness

Helps advertisers optimize campaigns beyond traditional sales funnel KPIs, including understanding the impact of brand integrations with world-class WBD IP.


At Warner Bros. Discovery, we are confident that the golden age of content will lead to the golden age of measurement, and we are committed to collaborating with partners across the industry to share our valuable findings.

Exploring the Transformation of Media Measurement

The business of media needs to evolve in order to keep up with the consumption of media. Warner Bros. Discovery is investing in a more expansive portfolio of measurement and currency solutions that further demonstrate the value of our award-winning storytelling.

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A Media Attribution Partnership
Like No Other

Warner Bros. Discovery has thoughtfully and intentionally partnered with attribution partners to enable proof of performance throughout the sales funnel. 

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