Source: Nielsen, Live + 3 Days ‘000, 1Q22 to Date: 12/27/21-3/6/22, Sales Prime = M-Su, 8P-12A, Ad Supported Cable Networks excluding News and Sports Programming.

Source: EDO, Inc. February 2022. Primetime English-language Broadcast & Cable program ranker includes only original programming to the network and excludes live sports, reruns, and programs with fewer than 50 airings. SER Index is benchmarked so that the SER Index of the average of all primetime programs represented during this period is indexed to be 100.

Source: Nielsen, Live + 3 Days, ‘000, 2022 Year-to-Date: 12/27/21-3/24/22, Sales Prime = M-Su, 8P-12A, ad supported cable networks excluding news and sports.

Sourcing updated every two weeks.