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Advanced Ad Solutions

Embrace the Future of Advertising

Increase targeting precision, guarantee audience reach, and deliver full-funnel performance across the portfolio. With Digital Audience Targeting, Data-Driven Linear and Addressable we can help define, deliver and measure your strategic audiences at scale.

Onboard and Activate Any Audience Across Our Advanced Advertising Suite

WBD offers brands the flexibility to onboard any data set or build any audience. Whether you use our first-party data, trusted third-party data, or choose to bring your own, we make it easy to activate your audience target across the entire Warner Bros. Discovery footprint.


Third-party Data

Bring Your
Own Data

Find Your Audience Everywhere

Our audience-based buying strategy is all about delivering audiences at scale — allowing advertisers to target any audience, anywhere across the WBD portfolio. By running a unified front-end audience target across our advanced ad suite, we can maximize reach and effectiveness on all the screens that matter.

All Inventory

Across WBD brands & properties

All Screens

Across platforms & modalities

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile App
  • CTV
  • Live

All Endpoints

Across advanced ad solutions

  • Digital
  • Addressable
  • Data-Driven Linear